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      Discover why Discover is the way to go.

Discover cards offer great benefits, such as 0% intro APR, no annual fee, rewards for every purchase, $0 fraud liability guarantee, 24/7 customer service, online account access and online bill pay!

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Discover Credit Cards - Discover their Cashback Bonus® Program

Why do we recommend Discover credit cards? First and foremost, it’s their 5% Cashback Bonus® enrollment programs. Second, you can shop online through ShopDiscover® and receive another 20% in cash back discounts, making Discover® one of our favorite pure retail credit card companies.


Here’s the full list of perks to applying for a Discover® card today...

1.) 5% Cashback®. One of our favorite credit cards is the Discover it® Card. We already touched on this, but let’s get you the specifics; 5 percent bonus cash back are specific to rotating categories that change each quarter, and is limited to 5 percent cash back on up to $1,500 in purchases each quarter. While you’re required to enroll each month, sign-up is free and easy each time. Rotating categories can include groceries, gas and other everyday purchases. What we’re saying is Discover® makes it pretty easy to keep track of the best possible bonus programs available.

2.) Shop Discover®. Discover® partners with online retailers to get up to a 20% cashback bonus® when they shop online through their website. Before making a purchase with your Discover® card, check online to see if you can receive bonus cash back simply by using your credit card.

3.) Travel Rewards. Discover® travel credit cards are great for both casual and hardcore travelers alike, though a good credit history will get you their best rewards. 

4.) Bonus Intro Periods.  Discover® cards offer competitive intro periods as well, often including 0% interest on ALL purchases from anywhere for the first 6 to 18 months depending on the credit card.

5.) Discover for Students. Finally, college students and credit newbies with limited credit can build their credit with some great Discover credit cards. Some student credit cards Discover include rewards, while others offer the retail discounts commonly found on other Discover credit cards.

Do your research using the compare table above to find the Discover credit card that most fits your credit history and situation, whether you’re in search of a rewards card that will keep your company running smoothly, or a student looking to build credit as you head off for college.