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Identity Theft Prevention & Protection

The most common form of identity theft is credit card fraud. So, what are you doing to protect your good name? Since it takes years of hard work to build a solid credit history, it's definitely worth taking a few extra minutes to ensure your identity is well protected. Browse through our trusted credit monitoring and identity theft products and services below, and equip yourself today with the proper protection.
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  • Daily monitoring of all three major credit bureaus

  • $1,000,000 in loss reimbursement insurance

  • IDENTITY GUARD® promises you'll get your money back if it's stolen while you're using their services

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Identity Theft & Fraud Protection

What's the best way to stop identity theft? Credit card fraud protection. As your old football coach used to say, the best offense is a good defense. Identity theft protection products act as insurance and protection against identity thieves, so you can take comfort in knowing that fraudulent charges will NOT count against your bank account or your credit score.

While many credit card companies offer fraud protection guarantees, the practice isn't yet universal. If you're not sure your credit card includes 0% liability against fraud, contact your credit card company (or research your card using Creditnet) and find out before your next trip abroad. 

If you conclude that you're not currently protected against fraud or identity theft, we highly recommend applying to the recommended fraud protection products we offer above.

How can Identity Theft products save you from fraudulent charges?

For example, Identity Guard® (listed above) offers a number of services used for the sole purpose of protecting your identity. You'll be insured up to $1,000,000 on fraudulent charges, on-the-go protection that will give you access to up $2,000 in emergency cash and computer protection software with 100% keystroke encryption. Plus, the three major credit bureaus will monitor your identity daily, and if anything slips through the cracks they guarantee that you'll get your money back. This is a must if you don't currently have ID theft protection through your credit card company.

For more information on identity theft protection - including what to do when someone steals your identity - visit the Creditnet blog for the credit answers you need.