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Credit Cards for Excellent Credit

Congratulations to you for achieving excellent credit!

Credit cards for excellent credit are your reward for responsibly handling your credit. Now you can sit back and enjoy the benefits from all those years of responsibly managing your credit. Of course, individuals with the best credit scores will qualify for the most desirable credit cards in the marketplace, which include benefits such as excellent interest rates, low or no fees, big sign-up bonuses and the most rewarding programs.

Our recommended credit cards for people with excellent include great spending incentives, too. This makes sense since cardholders are competing for your excellent profile. However, it can lead to some seriously sweet perks like extended 0% intro periods, easy cash back bonuses in your first months as a cardholder and in some cases low (or no) balance transfer fees.

If you have excellent credit, do yourself a favor and upgrade your wallet by adding one of our recommended cards below. These are simply the best credit cards available on the market today, and put excellent credit consumers in a tier all their own when it comes to credit perks and rewards. Skip the filler and get straight to the best excellent credit offers available below.

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Excellent Credit Credit Cards

Credit cards for excellent credit consumers allow you to reap the benefits of your (well-earned) credit score. Generally, an excellent credit score is considered to be anything over 800, and can be achieved through responsible purchasing and paying back your balance in full and on time each month. Pretty simple, right?

Now that you’ve earned an excellent credit score, here are some of the rewards you can enjoy:


  • Excellent Interest Rates

While many consumers with an excellent credit history don’t generally carry a balance, great credit credit cards include some of the lowest interest rates on the market. Plus, you can take advantage of extended intro periods that can last up to 18 months once you’re approved, and many of our favorite excellent credit cards carry no annual fees.


Intro periods are an exceptional incentive for a lot of reasons. First, many intro periods include 0% interest for a set number of months. Generally, intro periods can last anywhere from 6 to 18 months depending on the excellent credit credit card. During this time, it’s crucial to pay off as much of your balance as possible since you’re paying back your debt DIRECTLY, interest-free. Also included in a number of credit card intro periods are sign-up bonuses.


  • Sign Up Bonuses

Credit cards for people with excellent credit offer the most lucrative sign up bonuses and spending incentives of any cards on the market today. Intro periods on excellent credit credit cards will drive spending by offering an enticing number of points after a consumer reaches a spending threshold.


Sometimes these spending thresholds will be considerably large and unrealistic for consumers hoping to shop responsibly. Other times, they’re far easier to reach and should be considered for modest customers with excellent credit. Creditnet recommends comparing intro period incentives with your monthly budget when determining which outstanding credit credit card to apply for. Intro periods can be especially useful for consumers that like to hit the road once in awhile, too. That’s why travel rewards cards for excellent credit are also some of the most popular among consumers.


  • Travel Rewards Cards for Excellent Credit

Travel rewards credit cards aren’t just great for business travelers and road warriors - they’re great for all consumers that like to take a vacation here or there. (And doesn’t that describe, well, all of us?) The best travel credit cards for excellent credit accumulate fast and eliminate the dreaded “blackout dates”.


With travel rewards cards for excellent credit consumers, every time you swipe your card you’re making a small contribution towards a dream vacation in the future. If you want to see our complete guide to the best travel rewards cards on the market, visit our list of Airline Miles Credit Cards on Creditnet.


Consider our choices for the best credit cards for excellent credit cards above.