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0% Interest Credit Cards

Are you unable to reduce credit card debt due to high-interest charges? If so, our recommended 0% interest credit cards are designed to help you get out of debt while saving money. Even if the no interest promotion only lasts for a short period of time, you might still be able to save hundreds in interest charges while substantially reducing your total debt.

Our favorite 0 interest credit cards include especially-long introductory periods, cash back rewards and no annual fees. If you’re unable to reduce credit card debt due to high-interest charges, the recommended 0% interest credit cards below are designed to help you get out of debt while saving money.

Don't have high-interest balances to pay off because you're already living debt free? Great, that's just what we like to see! But that doesn't mean you can't take advantage of all the benefits a no interest credit card has to offer. Compare only the best 0% APR credit cards below, read our expert reviews and apply for yours today.

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0% Interest Credit Cards - Up to 18 Months

Have you noticed that you’re paying back more in interest every month than you are your ACTUAL credit card debt? Well, the good news is there’s a pretty easy way out of this vicious cycle - 0 interest credit cards.

0% interest credit cards generally offer an intro period of 0% APR anywhere from 3 to 18 months. If you want to eliminate interest fees (which, obviously, you do) for a given period of time, we recommend signing up for the 0% interest card that works best your you, then transferring your debt from your current credit card to your new, 0% interest credit card.

You will have to take on a small balance transfer fee - generally 3 percent of the total balance you're transferring - but you’ll immediately begin chipping away at your debt without paying ANY interest. Generally, transfer fees start around 3% of the debt you’re transferring.

To recap, apply online, get approved, pay the small transfer fee to move your debt over to your new credit card with no interest and begin chipping away at your debt within your new card’s given intro period. It’s that easy! 

That being said, there are benefits to carrying a 0% interest credit card even if you never carry a balance. Many of these cards include cash back rewards and exclusive cardholder programs like roadside assistance and 0% fraud liability. 

That’s right - one more reason we recommend applying online for a 0% interest credit card is that they often include some of our favorite rewards programs. Whether it’s a simple, easy-to-track cash back rewards card with 0% interest you prefer, or a quarterly rewards programs that requires enrollment, 0% interest credit cards will offer sign-up bonuses included during your intro period for maximum rewards.

When applying for a 0% interest cash back rewards card, pay special attention to the spending threshold for which you’ll be rewarded bonus points. Choose the 0% APR credit card with a realistic threshold for YOUR monthly budget to earn the most rewards while spending responsibly.

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