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Chase Credit Cards

Chase your dreams with Chase Bank.

Chase Bank offers credit cards with great rates and great rewards. Enjoy free alerts to help you manage your account, education planning tools, mortgage tools, advice and planning, 24/7 online account access, and more. Scroll below for our recommended Chase credit cards!

Chase Bank Credit Cards

Chase credit cards offer their own set of unique perks, rewards and programs from the first time you sign-up and beyond.


Some of our most recommended credit cards on the market today have a Chase logo on them; the Chase Freedom® Visa (more below) is one of our favorite cash back cards. Meanwhile, the Slate® from Chase Card is one of the only balance transfer credit cards on the market today that offers FREE balance transfers during your intro period as a cardholder. 


Here are some perks to carrying a Chase credit card in your wallet.


  • Cash Back: For example, the Chase Freedom® Card rewards cardholders with a cash back bonus after spending a certain amount in purchases during their first three months, one of the lowest spending thresholds of any credit card offering bonus points today. Their quarterly programs include an additional 4% on rotating categories which, combined with their everyday cash back program, is 5% total. Oh, and if you like to travel...
  • Travel Rewards: ... the Chase Freedom® Card includes double cash back when you book your airline through their online booking engine, AND an additional 10% cash back when you shop online through their website. 

Still not sure which Chase Bank credit card is right for you? Head over to the Creditnet Discussion Forum for feedback from everyday customers on which Chase credit cards they prefer to carry.