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Hotel Rewards Cards

Spend romantic nights in great hotels around the world - for FREE! ...

When you earn points with your hotel rewards credit cards! Hotel credit rewards offer incredible opportunities to save at some of the best hotels in the world. Every dollar spent with your hotel rewards credit card can earn free night stays in luxurious hotels worldwide. Travelers can earn even more points when you pay for hotel stays with hotel reward cards.

If you tend to stay in the same family of hotels, then a hotel-sponsored credit card may be the most rewarding hotel rewards card for you.  If you’re less partial to a particular hotel brand, consider a general hotel rewards credit card that allows you to redeem points earned on hotels of almost any brand worldwide.

Hotel credit cards can work a few different ways; you can become “Mr. or Ms. Preferred” at your favorite hotel chain worldwide, or you can earn hotel rewards points that work similar to cash back and can be redeemed at some of the best hotels worldwide. There are a lot of ways to earn discounts and freebies at hotels around the world, but the first step is applying to a hotel credit card below.

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Hotel Rewards Cards - Become a VIP at your preferred hotel!

Here are a few questions to ask yourself before applying online for a hotel rewards card:


  • Am I partial to one hotel brand?

If the answer is yes, then we would recommend a card that’s co-branded by a hotel company.  Popular luxury hotel chains worldwide - including the Marriott and Hilton- offer preferred cardholder rewards to their customers. Like our recommended airline miles credit cards, it literally pays to remain loyal to one specific brand when traveling. Then again, if you like to keep your options open, here’s another question to consider...


  • Do I prefer flexible rewards?

There’s a good chance that you’re nodding your head. Whether we’re talking about travel rewards or yoga, who doesn’t like being flexible? Most of our recommended hotel rewards cards aren’t fixed on one particular hotel brand; nope, these hotel rewards credit cards spread it around. Again, if you don’t have a particular hotel brand you’re tied to, consider general hotel travel rewards cards.


  • What’s the Intro Period like?

Lastly, hotel rewards credit cards offer some of the best sign-up bonuses of any credit cards on the market today. Some hotel credit cards include HUGE bonus incentives for you spend a given amount in the first few months as a cardholder. (Though be careful that you’re not spending just to earn points - that’s a good way to get into credit card debt right off.) Other travel rewards credit cards intro periods include waiving the annual fee for the first year, and more realistic points incentives to accrue. Before applying online for your hotel rewards credit card, you should definitely consider what type of sign-up bonus each card is offering.


Use our helpful credit card compare table above to compare the right hotel rewards credit card for you, or visit our general rewards page for even more recommendations on cash back and travel rewards cards on Credinet.com.