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Personal Cash Loans, Bad Credit Loans & Payday Loans

You name it - personal loans, auto loans and home loans - Creditnet has it! Find the loan you're looking for today!

Whether you're in need of emergency cash, or a lender to finance the purchase of your next home or vehicle, Creditnet's partners offer competitive rates and convenient online applications. Find bad credit loans, easy payday loans and no-obligation quotes below on a loan anywhere between $100 and $1,000. It's fast, safe and secure!

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  • Refinance with Cash out Now!

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  • Submitting a loan request is easy and free

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  • Easy way to get a home loan (new mortgage, refinance, or home equity loan)

  • Quicken closes loans in half the time of most other lenders!

  • Save money on your home loan

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Online Loans - Personal Cash Loans, Car Loans and Home Loans

If you need a loan - whether it's a cash, car or a home loan - Creditnet can help you find one. Our partners offer no-obligation quotes for bad credit loans online, making your loan search simple and  

Our secured quote forms won't just give you an idea of the interest rates you can expect, but you'll get actual quotes from REAL lenders ready to make you an offer. 

Emergency cash loans of up to $1,000 are available instantly. New car loans are available online too, or you can seek to refinance your car loan payment and lower your monthly finances. Each quote form takes just a minute, and is sent off to competitive lenders hoping for your business today. Our no obligation bad credit loans are available for most any consumer in need of emergency cash.

When seeking a loan, make sure to consider not only the interest you'll be paying each month, but what your monthly finances will be and how that will vibe with your overall monthly budget. And while it's nice to pay back your loans quickly and consistently, you can build a significant credit history when you pay back your loan each month over an extended period of time. Prove you're a viable credit option as a consumer with an extended loan payment plan.

Take advantage of the online loan applications we offer on Creditnet.com, and use the blue sidebar to the left to categorize your loan by cash, home or car.