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Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Transfer credit card balances onto one card and simplify your debt today.

What can balance transfer credit cards do for you? Save big bucks on interest. A new credit card, balance transfer, and lower payments can all be yours with any of these recommended credit cards. Simplify your life by consolidating all your credit card debt onto one card. Some of these balance transfer credit cards even offer rewards programs, offering cash back, miles and/or points for all purchases charged to the credit card. Better yet: many 0% interest credit cards have an introductory period on all funds transferred!

When considering a credit card for balance transfers, make sure to note the length of the intro period you’re signing up for. And furthermore, how long you have after becoming a cardholder to transfer your debt at the lowest possible rate.

Intro periods on balance transfer credit cards last anywhere from 3 to 18 months depending on the credit card. Why are they so important? Well, the intro period is the period in which you'll enjoy 0% APR, making it the time in which you’ll be paying your credit card debt back directly without interest. This is the most important time to chip away at your credit debt, which is why we recommend taking full advantage of your credit card’s intro period.

We've listed good balance transfer credit card offers from our partners below - apply today and get the ball rolling on paying down your debt to zero, interest-free!

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Balance Transfer Credit Cards - Why They're Helpful

What is a balance transfer credit card? The short answer: A credit card that allows you to transfer your credit card debt to a new credit card, ideally one with a small transfer fee and an extended 0% interest intro period.


OK, so what does that mean for you? Once you apply online and are approved for one of our recommended balance transfer cards above, you’ll begin paying back your debt directly without interest. As long as you make monthly payments on time, you’ll remain enrolled in the intro program for the full period, giving you the maximum amount of time to pay back your credit card debt interest free.


Here are some things to know about balance transfer credit cards on the market today...


  • Balance Transfer Fees

Generally, balance transfer fees are small. Consider it a “payment” for eliminating interest for a specific amount of time. Our recommended balance transfer fee card above includes a 3% transfer fee. So, you’ll be obligated to pay 3% of whatever balance you’re transferring over; in our opinion that's a small price to pay to temporarily eliminate interest.


  • Intro Periods on Balance Transfer Credit Cards

We recommend applying for balance transfer credit cards with the longest intro period available, especially if your debt is larger and might take longer to pay off. Credit card intro periods that last 15 - 18 months are most recommended by Credinet.com because they limit the urgency of paying back your debt. The longer you’re able to take advantage of 0% interest rates, the fewer sacrifices you’ll need to make when it comes to making monthly payments. (And thus the more likely you are to be able to make on-time payments, even at the minimum.)

Check out a full list of 0% interest credit cards on Creditnet.com to easily compare balance transfer fees and intro periods.