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No Annual Fee Credit Cards

Hate paying an annual fee to use your credit card? Check out our expert reviews of no annual fee credit cards below.

Many of these no annual fee credit cards even offer introductory APRs as low as 0%, meaning you can enjoy an "interest-free" loan with your free credit card for an introductory period. If you hate paying an annual fee on your credit card, consider one of the recommended credit cards with no annual fee below

Earn credit card rewards such as miles, cash back, merchandise discounts, hotel stays, and more with your "free credit card". Some of these no annual fee credit cards even offer bonus rewards for new customers, bringing you closer to earning free flights, hotel stays, cash back and more. The credit card offers with no annual fee presented below are from Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

No annual fee credit cards are pretty straightforward - they essentially don't cost a thing to carry in your wallet! Below you can compare credit cards with no annual fee. No filler, just the facts for you to compare below.

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Our Favorite No Annual Fee Credit Cards

Our favorite credit cards with no annual fees on Creditnet.com have extended intro periods with 0% APR, which means that you’ll pay NOTHING in extra fees until your intro period expires. And even then, if you’re paying your balance back in full and on time each month, you’ll continue to pay zero additional fees. Not too shabby, right?

So, how much can you save on no annual fee cards? Let’s compare some annual fees ...

First, let’s remember that the term “annual fee” doesn’t have to be a dirty word; many credit cards with annual fees offer some lucrative cash back rewards programs and great cardholder benefits in return for the annual fee that you pay. So, while an annual fee credit card isn’t necessarily such a bad thing, we can understand why consumers like to avoid them when there are other cards available.

In general, annual fees on credit cards range anywhere from $19 to $400+ depending on the card. However, the average annual fee is usually under $100. (More specifically, anywhere from $79.99- $95.00.) So when you choose a no annual fee credit card over one that does have an annual charge, right off the back you’re saving money. (And in some cases, quite a bit.)

Like we mentioned previously, annual fees can sometimes be a necessary evil when it comes to enrolling in some really good cash back and rewards programs. However, with so many great no annual fee credit cards available, you should know as a consumer that there are comparable cash back cards on the market that forego annual fees.

Browse through our no annual fee credit cards above, and join the Creditnet.com discussion for consumer information on all things related to credit.