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Barclaycard Credit Cards

Barclaycard - a Barclays credit card available worldwide!

For over four decades, Barclaycard has been one of the most impressive credit card companies worldwide. An offshoot of the massive Barclays Bank out of the UK, Barclaycard credit cards are produced in association with Visa and MasterCard and are renowned for their excellent cash back programs. 

Check out our picks for the best Barclaycard options available and apply today!

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Barclaycard - Credit Cards Available Worldwide

Barclaycard have been a staple in wallets worldwide since 1966; in fact, one in five credit cards in the UK are a Barclaycard. Barclaycard, an offshoot of the renowned Barclays Bank, is making its case as a North American presence with exceptional cashback programs and a great selection of excellent credit credit cards.  Barclaycard rewards are on par with some of our favorite rewards credit cards.


That being said, we love more than just rewards when it comes to Barclaycard credit cards. Some of our favorite services include...


  • Easy online banking: The Barclaycard website is easy to negotiate, and they've been a pioneer in online banking since they first debuted the feature in 1997. Easily keep track of your spending and payments when you become a Barclaycard cardholder online and via your smartphone with free text alerts.
  • NFL partners: NFL fans can sign up for the Barclaycard NFL Extra Points Credit Card to receive bonus points and cash back. Plus, you can earn double points on NFL purchases, and you can get a credit card with your favorite team's logo featured on it. 
  • Travel rewards: Barclaycard credit cards have partnered with some of the best travel companies today, including Virgin America airlines and US Airways. Earn airline miles with each swipe of your Barclaycard, or rack up online booking engine bonus points with websites like credit cards partnered with Travelocity and Priceline.
  • Fraud Monitoring & Emergencies: Barclaycard tracks your credit card globally, so they're quick to pick up on any strange activity. Plus, they offer an emergency cash advance if you find yourself abroad and without a card, as well as emergency card replacement. Feel secure knowing you're not alone with Barclaycard services.

Apply today for the recommended Barclaycard above that fits your credit card needs, and tell us about your Barclaycard experience on our Creditnet forum - we'd love to hear from you!