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Cash Back Credit Cards with $100 Bonus Offers

Cash back credit cards with $100 bonus offers have been known to be here one day, gone the next. However, the below credit cards have extended the offer well beyond the "limited-time only" scale, making them some of the very best credit cards for quick cash available today.

Credit card issuers make it reasonably simple to obtain that cash back offer; all you need to do is spend a certain amount by a specific period of time to be eligible. If you're using a credit card to make a big purchase, this is an easy way to save yourself $100. And even if you're not, you might notice that some of the spending thresholds to receive that "free" $100 - as little as $500 in purchases over three months - more than meet your current budget. 

Airline cards offer miles, cash back cards offer just that - cash. Take advantage of the most possible cash back you can get up front when you apply for one of the below cash back credit cards with $100 bonuses...

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One incentive cash back credit cards use in their intro period is a spending incentive bonus; for instance, spend $500 within three months of your account opening and receive a $100 statement credit, gift card or even cash. A free $100 - seriously!

This is a good way for credit card companies to get you to use your new card right away, or to even sign up in the first place. However, the real winner is us. So long as you pay back your balance in full each month to avoid interest, you'll only benefit from that $100 cash back incentive. The process is especially rewarding if you're hoping to finance a big-ticket item, since it essentially saves you $100 simply for paying with your new card.

The above credit cards are reserved for good-to-excellent credit consumers. "Cash in" your reward for excellent credit by applying for the credit card with a $100 cash back bonus that most fits your budget.