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The American Express® Prepaid Card offer is currently not available from Creditnet.com

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American Express® Prepaid Card

American Express® has added a "fewer fees" prepaid card to its popular suite of cards. In fact, the only fee this card charges is an ATM fee of $2. You may not even need to pay this fee if you only withdraw once a month—you get one free ATM withdrawal every month (up to $400 at a time). Here are the fees you won't be paying with this card:

  • No activation fees
  • No load fees
  • No monthly fees
  • No annual fees
  • No purchases fees
  • No overdraft fees
  • No inactivity fees
  • No foreign transaction fees

Loading funds is easy. Just enter your account info online to load/reload whenever you want for free. You can also load up to $5,000 from your paycheck each month via direct deposit. Or purchase a MoneyPak® at a local retailer like Walmart, CVS, 7-11, and Walgreens. For a limited time, American Express® will refund you the cost of your first MoneyPak®!

And as a card-carrying member, you'll enjoy the many benefits that make American Express® so popular with its cardholders:

  • Great customer service: They've won awards because they're so good!
  • Purchase protection: If an eligible item purchased with this card is accidentally damaged or stolen within 90 days of purchase, American Express® will reimburse you in full.
  • Fraud protection: If your card is lost or stolen, you won't be held responsible for any fraudulent activity. American Express® will actually replace the stolen funds.
  • Roadside assistance: Car trouble? Just call the number on the back of your card and help will be on its way in no time.
  • Global assist: If you find yourself needing emergency assistance and are more than 100 miles from home, American Express® can help you find the local help you need wherever you are in the world.
  • Discounts on travel, entertainment, dining, shopping and more: Merchants we know and love pair up with American Express to offer cardholders great discounts and deals.

You get all these benefits for virtually no fees with the American Express® Prepaid Card. And since you can only spend what's preloaded on the card, there's no risk of overdrafting or ruining your credit.

Have less-than-perfect credit? The American Express® Prepaid Card is a great way for you to start developing good spending and budgeting habits. Regular use of your prepaid card may even earn you an invitation by American Express® to apply for one of their charge cards. Charge cards report your financial activity to credit bureaus, which means your on-time payments and responsible use could help improve your credit standing.