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Barclaycard® Ring MasterCard® - 1% Back on Balance Transfers

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Expert Rating: 4.75 / 5 stars

Barclaycard® Ring MasterCard® - 1% Back on Balance Transfers Summary

  • Get a 1% Statement Credit back on the amount of balance transfers made in the first 60 days of account opening

  • No Balance Transfer Fees - start saving immediately!

  • A low 8% variable APR on balance transfers and purchases

  • No Annual Fees

  • Choose your card benefits and features

  • Get rewarded through the new Giveback™ program, where Barclaycard Ring members get money back for good performance

  • Get exclusive access to our online community and vote on the card features you like and view the financials of the Barclaycard Ring MasterCard online

  • Learn more about personal finance from Barclaycard and other members

Creditnet's Full Review

Perhaps the most interactive credit card available for consumers today, the Barclaycard® Ring MasterCard® - 1% Back on Balance Transfers carries no balance transfer fee and technically pays you to transfer your balance!

Creditnet's Expert Rating & Review

by on December 18, 2014

Expert Rating: 4.75 / 5 stars
Favorite Card Features:

A credit card that offers cash back for your balance transfer is incredibly unique. Not only that, there's no balance transfer fee and the ongoing APR for both balance transfers AND new purchases is just an 8 percent variable, easily one of the lowest available.

Least Favorite Features:

If you're looking for a simple card, this isn't for you. Perhaps the coolest thing about this card - the Giveback(TM) Program - might also be a head-scratcher for regular consumers looking for a regular credit card.

Our Final Take:

Between the Giveback(TM) Program - which according to Barclays allows members to become part of the process and benefit from the card's success - and the fact that this card offers cash back for balance transfers made within 60 days of the account opening make this perhaps the most unique credit card out there today.

If you're ready to try something different with your next credit card, this is the offer to consider.

Offer details may have changed since the last update of the information on this page. Please see Fees, Terms & Conditions for updated and complete information.

Purchase Rates
Intro APR: N/A Credit Required: excellent
Intro Period: N/A Set Up Fee N/A*
Ongoing APR: 8% Annual Fee $0
Penalty APR: N/A
Balance Transfer
Intro APR✝: N/A
Intro Period: N/A
Ongoing APR: 8%
Transfer Fee: $0

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