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Horizon Gold Credit Card

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Reports to Major Credit Bureaus?
Expert Rating: 3.50 / 5 stars

Horizon Gold Credit Card Summary

  • Guaranteed approval!

  • Bad credit accepted!

  • No employment check!

  • Reports to a major credit bureau!

Creditnet's Full Review

The Horizon Gold Card is a card for people with bad credit who are looking for a product that can help them build credit by reporting payment history to the major credit bureaus.

You may have been denied by other credit cards because of your damaged credit, but Horizon Gold guarantees approval even for people with damaged credit. Employment verification is not required. And all your payment activity is reported to at least one major credit bureau, so this could be your last and only chance to rebuild your credit.

The Horizon Gold Card is one of the best bad credit credit cards with instant and guaranteed approval on the market.  Just make sure that before you apply, you understand that this card can only be used to make purchases at the Horizon Card Services™ website located at www.horizoncardservices.com.   

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Creditnet's Expert Rating & Review

by on January 28, 2016

Expert Rating: 3.50 / 5 stars
Favorite Card Features:

You are guaranteed approval with no credit check and no employment check.  That's about as easy as it gets to secure a credit card!  In addition, you can gain access to a $500 credit limit, and Horizon Card Services will report your payment history to at least one of the major credit reporting agencies.

Least Favorite Features:

The Horizon Gold Card can only be used to make purchases at the Horizon Card Services™ website is located at www.horizoncardservices.com.  

Our Final Take:

If you have bad credit and have been denied every time you try to get a new credit card, you know how difficult it is to begin building your credit once again.  After all, you have to have credit in order to improve your credit!

This is where the Horizon Gold Card can step in and provide guaranteed access to credit line without a credit check or employment check.  Once you gain access to the your credit line, then it's up to you to use it wisely to make some purchases on the Horizon Card Services™ website and always pay your balance in full.  

Your payment history will be reported to at least one major credit bureau, and you should hopefully see you credit scores begin to benefit from the positive payment history on your credit reports.  Click the "Apply Now" button below to get your instant approval for the Horizon Gold Card today!


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Purchase Rates
Intro APR: N/A Credit Required: bad
Intro Period: N/A Set Up Fee $5.00
Ongoing APR: N/A Annual Fee $0.00
Penalty APR: N/A
Balance Transfer
Intro APR✝: N/A
Intro Period: N/A
Ongoing APR: N/A
Transfer Fee: N/A

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