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Best Cash Back Credit Cards for Students

The myth surrounding credit cards for students is that they don't offer cash back. This. Is. False!

Cash back credit cards for students are as lucrative as any when it comes to cash rewards, and give students the ability to own an above-average card to begin building credit. Some of the below cards require a co-signer, and it's important for students to explain to their parent or guardian that building credit early is crucial when it comes to interest rates and credit approval later in life. It helps that student credit cards generally start with low limits to begin, keeping the risk of early credit card debt low.

The best cash back student cards below reward young adults for making regular, on-time payments. Students have multiple incentives for paying their bill on time, a practice that's sure to pay off in the long run when it comes to spending practices and responsible credit card use throughout life.

Best Cash Back Student Offer: Discover it™ Card for Students

When you're in college, any extra money helps. So why not take advantage of the "free" money the cash back cards below are offering? You won't get the same deal from your debit card, so make those pizza delivery charges count and take advantage of the cash back deals offered below!

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Some student credit cards reward young consumers with cash back for more than just purchases. Earn cash back rewards for simple things like paying your bill on time - that's an offer you'll only receive when you're a student!

The above cash back cards for students reward college kids for the purchases they're most likely to make, like dining out, entertainment and drugstore purchases. Choose from simple cash back programs, or earn bonus cash back when you sign up for a card that includes an enrollment program.

These cards start with low limits to keep the risks of owning your first credit card in check. However, automatic extensions of credit are included with responsible use, and the more you use your card and pay it back on time (and hopefully in full) the more rewards you can accrue.

Begin building your credit profile while earning cash back rewards today!