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Best Credit Cards for Gas and Groceries

The best credit cards for gas and groceries assume that the two categories of items you're most likely to need on a consistent basis each month are - wait for it - gas and groceries, and are willing to reward you with anywhere from 2% to 5% cash back for such expenses.

Hey, we've all gotta' eat. And it doesn't look like gas prices are going down much anytime soon, so there's a real incentive to save even a few cents here or there on these two monthly items we spend so much of our paychecks on. The credit cards for gas and groceries below offer either everyday or quarterly incentives for using your credit card on what have become our most consistent expenses - again, gas and groceries.

Best Offer for Gas and Groceries: Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express

Think about it - if you had the option, would spend $4 a gallon on gas, or $3.80? Added up over the course of a full tank, you could be saving upwards of $2.50 with a 5x cash back card applied to gas. Over the course of a year, that may amount to a couple hundred dollars, depending on how much you drive. So the most lucrative gas credit cards can accumulate a pretty significant amount of cash back assuming you use it consistently, and the same can be said with groceries.

As with all cash back credit card purchases, if you pay your balance back in full each month, you won't find a more lucrative way to spend your money. And when it comes to gas and groceries, any money saved can make a real difference over the long haul.

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The best way to pay for gas and groceries - two of our most consistent monthly purchases, by the way - is to pay with a card that rewards you specifically for using your card on these items. 

The above credit cards for gas and groceries are regarded as the most generous when it comes to such purchases, and will pay anywhere from 2x to 5x cash back on grocery store and gas pump expenses. Whether this is an everyday perk or a quarterly bonus varies on the card, but at a minimum you'll receive at least 1% cash back on gas and groceries with the above cards.

If you're a road warrior that spends more time in your car then your home, it makes a lot of sense to start earning rewards on the constant refueling. And if you double as the refrigerator gatekeeper back home, even better. 

Start earning more cash back on your most common purchases when you sign up for the best credit card for gas and groceries for you.