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The Biodegradable Discover® More Card
A Green Credit Card
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A Green Credit Card

Biodegradable Discover® More Card
A Green Credit Card

Introducing the first ever green credit card, the Biodegradable Discover® More Card! This card is the only credit card that will biodegrade, breaking down 99% within five years of being in landfill or compost-like conditions.

Not only is Discover conscious about the well-being of our planet, but they also want to be easy on your wallet. Cardholders earn 5% in popular purchase categories, such as restaurants, movies, gas, travel, and more. All other purchases earn you up to 1% Cashback.

Discover also gives cardholders an opportunity to double their Cashback Bonus® whenever rebates are redeemed for gift certificates from participating Discover® Card Partners. Rebates have no yearly limit and will not expire as long as the account has been active within a 3-year period.

Pay no interest on purchases and balance transers for 6 months!

Cardholders also receive platinum benefits in addition to the rewards program. Feel safe when you travel using this card, as you'll have up to $500,000 in travel accident insurance, auto rental insurance, and other fraud and security protection services. You'll also receive discounts at participating merchants and retailers.

Be nice to the planet and see how Discover can be nice to your wallet when you're a cardholder of the Biodegradable Discover® More Card! Apply today through Creditnet.com.