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The Pex Card for Businesses offer is currently not available from Creditnet.com

However the below card(s) are recommended by Creditnet as a great alternative to the Pex Card for Businesses:

Pex Card for Businesses

Introducing a new concept in business spending that allows business owners to have more control over their employees' expenditures. Pex Card allows business owners to avoid the demands of a conventional credit card. One of the main issues with business credit cards today is banks are unwilling to give businesses a large enough credit line to actually do business! So why not set your own limits with the prepaid Pex Visa® Card!

Some business owners also may not have very good credit, which could affect their ability to be approved for a business credit card. Solely depending on cash or checks is inconvenient for businesses. No credit checks are required for the Pex Card. All that is needed is verification of a checking account, which will be the same account you use to load the card. Simple as that!

The Pex Card also gives owners the ability to manage the spending of employees in the field. For each and every card issued, owners are able to limit daily spending, as well as control spending by merchant category. If only $25 is allowed per day for food, then employee will only be able to spend that amount per day at restaurants. Transactions are posted instantaneously, so owners can track spending in real-time via the online program management website.

Lastly, the Pex Card has simple pricing, with no transaction or card load fees. Since this is a new concept of spending management for businesses, the Pex Card gives new customers a trial offer of the first two months for free!

Manage your business budget in detail with the Pex Card for businesses. Apply online today and receive your business cards in just a few days!