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Breaking It Down: What's a Credit Card Issuer?

It's a simple question and common question asked by many - what exactly is a credit card issuer? If you're surfing around financial websites you've probably read the term a thousand times, but what exactly does it mean and how does it affect you? Who are they, how do they work, and what really happens when you swipe that plastic?

Some Facts About Discover Cards That You May Not Know

I’m willing to bet in your lifetime you’ve had more than one Visa or MasterCard (whether it was a Debit or Credit card). In all likelihood you’ve had an American Express at least once. And I’m also willing to bet if you are a hard bargainer and looking for great deals, you have probably acquired a Discover Card as well.

Here’s are some things about Discover you may not know.

Five Credit Cards for Back-To-School Savings

While the days of summer get a little shorter and that school supply list gets a little longer, here’s five credit cards that will help you save on those inevitable back-to-school expenses.
Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express

Saving Money On Game Day Expenses

Football season is right around the corner and whether your favorite team is in the college or pro ranks, you’re probably pretty excited. Your checking account might not share your enthusiasm, however.
But fear not, there are definitely ways to enjoy your team while cutting down expenses.
Where to watch

Mythbusting: Carrying a Balance Helps Your Credit Score

The internet is a big place full of a lot of information, but like most of us know (hopefully all of us will know someday) not all of that information is always true. Today we'll look at the myth that carrying a balance on your credit card can actually boost your credit.

The question "Does carrying a balance help your credit?" brings up almost three and a half million search results, so obviously a few people are curious about if that rumor has any truth.

Balance Transfer Cards for Climbing Out of Debt

You never thought you’d need a lengthy promotional zero interest period on a balance transfer credit card, but you signed up for one of those infamous store credit cards to try to rack up some rewards, but before you could say triple-points three times fast, you’re a couple grand in debt on a card with ridiculously high interest.
Don’t worry, you aren’t the first.

What's the Best Zero Interest Credit Card Offer Right Now?

We talked about the new improvements to the American Express line of Blue Cash credit cards last week. Namely, we were most impressed with the addition of a 15-month zero interest introductory period applied to both purchases and balance transfers.

American's Debt Falling, But The Number Is Still Out Of This World

I wrote a couple weeks ago about how Americans were starting to pay their credit card bills on time. Although this is a great sign, it's also good to remind ourselves that the amount of debt we're in to begin with...is a lot.

Americans' Late Credit Card Payments Lowest Since 1994

The biggest news circulating on the cyber news stands this week was the fact that late payments on credit cards are at their lowest point since 1994.

According to the Fox Business report by Kate Rogers, "payments that are at least 90 days overdue fell in the second quarter 0.57%..." That would be the second-lowest rate in almost 20 years. When grunge was king and pogs were still a thing, the rate was 0.56%.

Blue Cash Offers from AmEx Now Offering 15-Month Interest-Free Intro Periods

Yesterday, American Express announced some serious upgrade to their Blue series of credit cards, including the Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express, the Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express and the Blue Sky from American Express® offers.


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