The Global Guide to Tipping

In the United States, tipping is part of our society. Often times when receiving a service, we feel obligated to tip an extra few dollars for a job well done. In a country built on competition and capitalism, it's no surprise that tipping has been embedded in our social contract since the 1800’s. However, the same cannot be said for other countries around the globe. There’s a stereotype in the restaurant industry that servers never want a table of foreigners because they’re unfamiliar with tipping norms. While that’s not entirely true, tipping customs are different depending on what country you’re in. The following is a guide for tipping to use as basic reference, keeping in mind that specific countries and cities may have slightly different expectations.

Happy Labor Day!

Find out what Labor Day actually celebrates in America.

Happy July 4th!

Happy 4th of July from the team at Creditnet.com - Bring on the BBQ!

IRS Offers New Penalty Relief for Unemployed & Self-Employed

Uncle Sam is usually a pretty unforgiving guy, but if you were unemployed in 2011 he might be willing to cut you some slack on your taxes this year. While Uncle Sam will of course want the full amount of taxes you owe at some point in time, you may be eligible to receive extra time to pay your 2011 tax bill without incurring additional failure-to-pay penalties (.5% to 1% of your unpaid taxes for each month up to 25 percent of your unpaid taxes). That could save you as much as $500 per month!

It's Not Presidents Day

If you look at the Federal calendar, you won't find a holiday called "Presidents Day". This is because according to section 6103(a) of title 5 of the U.S. code, the law which defines holidays for Federal workers, today is designated as "Washington's Birthday". But, wait a minute. George Washington was born on February 22nd, 1732, so why wouldn't we celebrate his birthday on February 22nd? We used to; however, Congress decided in 1968 that it would be a good idea to create several three-day Federal holidays for the convenience of workers. Along with Washington's birthday, Memorial Day and Veteran's Day were each officially moved to Mondays in 1971. Genius.

Banks and Credit Unions: What's the Difference?

Is it time to give up on that large national bank and find a local credit union to take care of your hard-earned money? Understanding some of the subtle differences between banks and credit unions can help you make a more educated decision, so here are a few important things to keep in mind before making up your mind.

Bank Transfer Day: Over 77,000 Strong

Tomorrow, Nov. 5th, is Bank Transfer Day.  I honestly didn't realize how large a movement this was until I checked out their Facebook page today. Not only do they have over 40,000 likes, but over 77,000 people have indicated they plan on participating in the event by moving all their money from for-profit banking institutions to not-for-profit local credit unions by tomorrow. That's a big number!  Credit Union executives must be drooling all over themselves.

Creditnet's Celebrity Wedding Cost Match-Up Game

Think you know what some of the world's most famous couples have spent on their weddings? If so, test your celebrity wedding prowess today by playing Creditnet's Celebrity Wedding Cost Match-Up Game.

Steve Jobs is Dead at 56

I just hopped on apple.com to check out the new specs on the iPhone 4S.  I was surprised when the first image I saw was the one above with the text, "Steve Jobs 1955-2011." When I clicked on his picture the following text was revealed:

How Fast Should You Pay Off Student Loans?

Like so many others in our country, I’m in debt. Fortunately, it’s more of what some have termed the “good” kind of debt—the kind used for getting educated—but it’s debt nonetheless. So the big question that everyone with student loans, including myself, asks themselves at some point in time is "how fast should I pay these things off?" Some feel the lower interest rates justify a slower approach to tackling them, while others hold a more feverish Dave Ramsey approach.  Which is the right path to take?


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