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Saving Money On Game Day Expenses

Football season is right around the corner and whether your favorite team is in the college or pro ranks, you’re probably pretty excited. Your checking account might not share your enthusiasm, however.
But fear not, there are definitely ways to enjoy your team while cutting down expenses.
Where to watch
The possibilities are endless. With consumer technology growing at impossibly exponential rates, the way you can watch football are ever expanding. Cable, satellite, computers, mobile devices… the possibilities truly are endless. But what about that budget? Satellite is your best option to watch all the games, but it’s very expensive. The legality of watching your favorite time on the internet is questionable. Cable only gives you one or two more games a week than you could just get for free.
Yes free. The idea of over-the-air, free TV is still around. For $20 bucks you can pick up a OTA HD antenna and be watching NBC, CBS, FOX and ABC for free. You’ll get the two or three games on CBS and FOX each Sunday along with Sunday Night Football on NBC.
Without cable you will miss out on Monday Night Football and Thursday Night Football from ESPN and NFL Network respectively but isn’t that what friends are for? Go grab a drink at your local sports bar to tune into these games or offer to bring dinner over for a friend who has the channel. A few bucks at a bar or a friends house will still be dramatically less than what you would pay for in cable or satellite fees.
But let’s say you want the experience. You want to be out in the sunshine (or as the year goes on, out in the frozen tundra). You want hear the screaming thousands and smell the beer and the garlic fries. But the one thing you don’t want to do is pay for those tickets at face value.
First off, join your favorite teams mailing list. This is where you’re going to find pre-sale passwords and special offers on tickets immediately. Draw back is it comes with a lot of promotional and spammy emails, but if you can wade through those you’ll probably find a deal. Also look for a team or league specific credit card. You’ll be able to earn rewards that could lead to tickets for purchases you’ll already be making.
If you haven’t racked up the rewards points, turn to sites like Stub Hub or Ticket City. Deal’s can usually be had at these sites, and the closer you get to game day, the lower the price usually gets out of desperation by the seller.
The most ideal situation is to have a friend with a hook up. Ask around, network and form friendships with other fans. Someone you know might have season tickets and could sell you tickets at a season ticket holder price, which is usually much less than a single-game price.
What to eat
If there’s one thing that’s almost as important as the game on game day, it’s the food. Whether it’s BBQ, burgers or brats, you’ll probably be indulging on some sort of food at the ballpark.
Rule No. 1? Don’t buy food at the stadium. While it might be hard to resist when it’s conveniently sold within arms reached, just look at the menu. Ten bucks for a hot dog? Eleven for a beer? Fuggetaboutit. 
Most stadium’s let bring in your own food, as long as it is in a clear plastic bag. Cook your favorite game day meal and tote it in the stadium. The one drawback is if you want the alcohol, you’re going to have to get it in the building. Factory-sealed water bottles are the only beverage allowed inside NFL stadiums.
If you’re watching the game at your house or at a friends, the possibilities are literally limitless. This is a great opportunity to impress your friends with new recipes you found on sites like Pinterest, Punchfork and Gojee or make your world famous (insert food here). Either way you’ll get about a thousand times more bang for your buck than the stadium concession stand.
What to wear
Let’s face it, that jersey you’ve been rocking since 1983 is getting a little tattered...and let’s be honest, a little tight around the waist. If it’s time for you to upgrade to your NFL duds, there’s no better place to start than the NFL Extra Points Credit Card.
You can choose your favorite team’s logo to slap on your new plastic or if you’re just a fan in general you can just go with the shield.
You’ll get 10,000 points with your first $500 spent which you can use to redeem on tickets, jerseys and anything else you can find on the NFL.com shop. You’ll also get 20 percent off all purchases at the NFL.com shop, along with double points for online and in-stadium purchases.
With no annual fee, this card is a must for anyone looking to upgrade their fandom.

NFL Extra Points Credit Card

No annual fee, double points on NFL.com and in-stadium purchases as well as an additional 20 percent off all NFL.com purchases are just a few reasons why this card is a must have for any NFL fan.

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