Credit Card Reviews

Credit Card Reviews

New Chase Slate: No Balance Transfer Fee and 0% Interest for 15 Months

Searching for the best balance transfer credit cards n the market in 2012? Don't overlook the new Chase Slate Card with No Balance Transfer Fee.

Citi ThankYou Card: Now with 0% Interest!

(Update: The below offers may have changed since time of publication. For complete offer details, check out's updated list of available Citibank credit cards.)

I've been a long-time fan of the Citi ThankYou Cards. In fact, I've personally used the Premier version of the card since 2007 and have blogged many times about why the Citi ThankYou Premier card makes me smile. While the rewards program definitely isn't as lucrative as it was back in 2007, my wife and I still continue to rack up a lot of points on this card and redeem them for some pretty spectacular travel deals. For example, last year we booked $2,400 worth of tickets to the Cayman Islands for only 120,000 points through the ThankYou Network.

Discover More Extends $0 Balance Transfer Fee Deal Through February

I blogged about the Discover More Card - $0 Balance Transfer Fee deal when it was first launched just after the new year. At the time, Discover wouldn't say anything more about how long the deal would last other than it was a "limited-time offer". What credit card offer isn't, right?

Chase Sapphire Preferred: 50,000 Bonus Now a "Limited Time Offer"?

In May of 2011 the Sapphire Preferred® Card began offering 50,000 bonus points to new cardholders who spent $3,000 within the first 3 months. Chase has been running this same promotion ever since, but the strange thing is we recently received notice that the wording "Limited Time Offer" must be inserted into their marketing copy. I'm not exactly sure what the reasoning is for the change or if this promotion will end very soon, but what I can say is I've actually been surprised the deal has been running for so long. Most deals like this don't last for almost a year, so I wouldn't count on it lasting much longer in 2012. In fact, word on the street is that it may get pulled sometime before the 2nd quarter. So why should you care?

Discover More Card Launches No Balance Transfer Fee Deal

The Discover More Card - $0 Balance Transfer Fee deal is back! We saw this promotion go live in 2011 around the same time, but it really didn't last that long. And like last year, this deal is once again hitting the marketplace for a limited amount of time. So, if the holiday credit card bills are already rolling in and you're afraid you might have to carry a balance on one of your cards for a few months before paying it off in full, you might want to check out this offer right away and save yourself some money on interest.  With no annual fee, 0% interest and no balance transfer fee, the card really does offer the opportunity to get a completely free loan from Discover for the next 12 months. In addition to the $0 balance transfer fee, here are some of the other highlights of the Discover More Card:

Citi ThankYou Preferred Card $500 Bonus is Back

*Update* December 2011: This card offer is no longer available.  Check out the current details of the Citi ThankYou Preferred Card instead. Citi ran a great promotion in October on a few sites, including Creditnet, which ended up only lasting a few weeks before it was pulled offline. Well, it's back! The Citi ThankYou Preferred Card is once again offering new cardholders the opportunity to earn up to 50,000 bonus points during the first year of use.  If you want to read all the details about the pros and cons of this credit card, check out my original post:  Citi ThankYou Preferred Card Review: 50,000 Bonus Promotion.  For a brief update, read on.

6 Best Rewards Credit Cards for Holiday Shopping

Holiday shopping is in full swing, and there are certainly great deals to be found everywhere this year. However, you can save even more money if you shop for those deals with the right rewards credit cards in hand. In fact, in some instances you can even receive an additional 25% in discounts! So before you hit the shops this year, make sure you know what discounts and rewards are offered by the credit cards you already carry in your wallet. Or, consider applying for a new rewards credit card to maximize your holiday savings.  Here are some of our favorites if you're already on the hunt:

Ask Creditnet: The Best Travel Rewards Business Credit Card

Dear Creditnet: I have 3 small businesses, and I'm looking for the best travel rewards business credit card to rack up miles. The balances are expected to be paid in full each month with a balance of around $5,000 per card.  What card do you recommend and why? 

Discover More Card Offers $150 Holiday Bonus

Update: This offer is no longer available.

I reviewed the Citi Diamond Preferred Card last week because they're running a special holiday promotion that offers $200 cash back after you spend $500 online during the first 3 months.  While this a great sign-up bonus, I personally wouldn't use the card for anything more than scoring a free $200 on Cyber Monday. Beyond the $200 cash back, it doesn't offer any rewards program and is really more of a balance transfer credit card due to its long 0% interest period.  Since I never carry credit card balances and am a self-professed rewards junkie, that makes the card pretty much worthless to me in the long run.  Many of you may feel the same.

British Airways Switching to New Avios Program Tomorrow

Many of us, myself included, took advantage of the British Airways Card 100,000 mile promotion earlier this year. What we soon found out was that rewards flights from North America to Europe on British Airways carried hefty fuel surcharges of $500 or more! Our dreams of jaunting to Paris in 2012 courtesy of BA quickly faded. Effective tomorrow, British Airways Executive Club miles will be replaced by Avios points, which has a lot of cardholders even more concerned about the future value of their miles. Unfortunately, no one knows exactly what the new rewards program will entail because British Airways has refused to release any details.


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