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Discover has recently added a spinoff of the Discover it card to their lineup, known as the Discover it chrome. These cards, like the Discover it cards, have no annual fees, overlimit fees, or foreign transaction fees, and offer excellent cash back guarantees. With a new slick silver design, the Discover it chrome card offers 2% cash back on purchases at gas stations and restaurants and 1% cash back on everything else. Unlike the original “it” card which features 5% cash back on rotating categories when users sign up, the Discover it chrome card will have a permanent 2% cash back. It will be simpler for users, especially those who spend at gas stations and restaurants year round.
Like the Discover it card, there is a regular version and a version for students. The rewards are the same, but the APRs differ. According to Discover’s media relations department, cardholders can convert their current 5% cash back option to the chrome version (or vice versa) by simply calling customer service. For more information on the new Discover it chrome card, check it out: http://www.creditnet.com/credit-cards/discover-it-chrome 
Source: Discover