0% interest credit cards

0% interest credit cards

Chase Slate: No Balance Transfer Fee and 15 Months 0% Interest

0% interest credit card promotions with no balance transfer fees haven't come along too often during the past few years.  In fact, I think the last one we saw hit the market was for the Discover More card over a year ago. And while we don't know how much longer this latest deal from Chase will last, the good news is that the Chase Slate Card is still offering 0% interest on balance transfers for up to 15 months with no balance transfer fee.  This offer was launched towards the end of 2011 and has been quite popular among consumers since all the other balance transfer credit cards on the market right now are either charging 3% or 5% balance transfer fees.

Citi Simplicity Credit Card Review

Citibank finally "got the memo"—credit card users hate fees! In response, they've given us the Citi Simplicity Card, which is definitely the best credit card on the market right now for those that have a severe aversion to fees, want a 0% interest credit card, and like to keep their finances simple. Here are my top 4 things to love about the new Citi Simplicity Card:

New Chase Slate: No Balance Transfer Fee and 0% Interest for 15 Months

Searching for the best balance transfer credit cards n the market in 2012? Don't overlook the new Chase Slate Card with No Balance Transfer Fee.

Citi ThankYou Card: Now with 0% Interest!

(Update: The below offers may have changed since time of publication. For complete offer details, check out Creditnet.com's updated list of available Citibank credit cards.)

I've been a long-time fan of the Citi ThankYou Cards. In fact, I've personally used the Premier version of the card since 2007 and have blogged many times about why the Citi ThankYou Premier card makes me smile. While the rewards program definitely isn't as lucrative as it was back in 2007, my wife and I still continue to rack up a lot of points on this card and redeem them for some pretty spectacular travel deals. For example, last year we booked $2,400 worth of tickets to the Cayman Islands for only 120,000 points through the ThankYou Network.

Discover More Extends $0 Balance Transfer Fee Deal Through February

I blogged about the Discover More Card - $0 Balance Transfer Fee deal when it was first launched just after the new year. At the time, Discover wouldn't say anything more about how long the deal would last other than it was a "limited-time offer". What credit card offer isn't, right?

Ask Creditnet: Minimum Payments and 0% Interest Credit Cards

Dear Creditnet: I have a new rewards credit card that offers 0% interest for 12 months. My plan is to transfer all my existing credit card debt to this card so I can save on interest in 2012. Do I have to make minimum payments at all during the first year, or can I just save up my money and make a one-time payment in full before the 0% interest promotion ends?

Discover More Card Launches No Balance Transfer Fee Deal

The Discover More Card - $0 Balance Transfer Fee deal is back! We saw this promotion go live in 2011 around the same time, but it really didn't last that long. And like last year, this deal is once again hitting the marketplace for a limited amount of time. So, if the holiday credit card bills are already rolling in and you're afraid you might have to carry a balance on one of your cards for a few months before paying it off in full, you might want to check out this offer right away and save yourself some money on interest.  With no annual fee, 0% interest and no balance transfer fee, the card really does offer the opportunity to get a completely free loan from Discover for the next 12 months. In addition to the $0 balance transfer fee, here are some of the other highlights of the Discover More Card:

Shopping Online? Don't Store Your Credit Card Information

 Most of your favorite shopping sites will allow you to store credit card information in order to speed up the checkout process.  Online retailers know this added feature not only saves customers time, but it also helps move a lot more "browsers" to actual buyers.  It's a win-win for merchants. Unfortunately, the problem for consumers is that storing your credit card information on a retailer's servers leaves your personal credit card data at risk.  How much risk?  Well, here's a scary statistic for you.

Credit Card Debt and Your Retirement

I read an article recently which provided an extremely alarming statistic. Apparently the average retirement savings held in 401Ks for individuals between the ages of 55 and 65 in the United States is only $100,000.

Citi Diamond Preferred Card Review: $200 Cash Back Holiday Promo

If you drool all over yourself when thinking about the deals you'll score this coming Cyber Monday, Citi has yet another deal for you to help kick off the holiday shopping season. $200 cash back, in the form of a statement credit, for spending just $500 online within the first 3 months on the new Citi Diamond Preferred Card. That's a 40% return on your initial $500 spend, which is an awesome deal for a no annual fee credit card. Most other card offers will require at least a $1,000 spend during the first 3 months to qualify for signup bonuses, so this is especially great if you plan to spend less this year on your shopping but still want to enjoy an attractive cash back bonus. While it's not entirely clear how purchases will be categorized as online or not, any shopping you do on sites like Amazon or Etsy should obviously count as online purchases. However, If you do purchase something from a store that has brick-and-mortar locations as well, I would make sure you check your statements closely to verify that all the transactions are properly categorized as "online" purchases.  There are bound to be mistakes.