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What's the FCBA?

Have you ever noticed that your credit card company mistakenly billed you for something twice? Or perhaps you returned that new flat screen TV because it was too huge to fit on your living room wall, only to find the charge still showed up on your credit card statement without a refund? If so, you should know you have the right to resolve these types of billing disputes for "open-end credit accounts", such as credit cards or charge cards, through the Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA).

The FCBA applies directly to billing errors, which might include disputes over the amounts charged, refunds, mathematical errors in calculating accounts, unauthorized purchases, or charges for goods or services you never received. So, if you find yourself wondering what to do in one of these situations, click here to read in more detail about the rules of the FCBA and the actions you must take to benefit from the protections it provides consumers. It may take a little time and perseverance to understand your rights; however, your time will be well spent.

on Wed, 2009-09-09 17:00