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Guidelines for Do-It-Yourself Credit Repair

Are you prepared to take matters into your own hands? Home Depot preaches to the world that with a little guidance anyone could take on a renovation project around the house. Likewise, Creditnet.com believes you can learn how to repair your damaged credit by following some simple do-it-yourself guidelines.

Repairing your own credit is an excellent alternative to paying an expensive credit repair agency for something you can certainly do yourself. So, browse through the guidelines below and learn how to avoid common mistakes, order credit reports, find and dispute errors, and start rebuilding your credit today.

  1. Organizing Yourself
  2. Ordering Your Credit Reports
  3. Analyzing Your Credit Report
  4. Getting a Credit Card
  5. Drafting Your Dispute Letter
  6. Sending Your Dispute Letter
  7. Getting a Response
  8. Seeing Results
  9. Thinking of Submitting a 100-word Statement?
  10. Common Mistakes