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Purchase Protection Can Come in Handy

Several credit card benefits are often overlooked by the so-called personal finance gurus that claim consumers should leave their credit cards at home when hitting the malls this holiday season. Paying for everything with cash can certainly be beneficial for those who just don't know how to budget, but advantages such as having Purchase Protection, especially on more expensive items, shouldn't be forgotten by the smart consumer.

Most credit issuers offer a Purchase Protection program, and it's a benefit that will not only protect you from receiving a faulty product or no product at all, but it will also protect many items against accidental theft, fire, or damage for a specified period of time. 90 days is generally the magical number.

Try walking into a store after you purchased an item in cash and telling them you want a refund because it was stolen. Sorry, it just won't work -- even at Costco. So take a closer look at what Purchase Protection your credit card offers today. Using your plastic instead of cash this holiday season could very well save you a big headache.

on Sun, 2008-12-07 16:00