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Know Your APRs

Most credit cards have more than one APR. However, credit issuers tend to focus their advertisements on just one—attractive introductory APRs that usually last for 6-12 months after a new card is issued. But while promotional interest rate periods for no interest credit cards can certainly be enticing, it's really important to understand what will happen to your APR once the promotional period ends. This APR is typically referred to as your "Ongoing APR" and will greatly fluctuate depending upon the type of credit card you use and the strength of your credit scores. In addition, cash advances often involve even higher APRs as they're considered very risky transactions from a credit issuer's point of view. In fact, cash advance APRs can sometimes be as high as 25-30% on top of other fees your credit card company will charge you when the cash is withdrawn. If this all sounds too confusing, keep your credit card life simple and always pay your balances in full and on time. This way you can ignore APRs altogether while continuing to enjoy all the benefits and convenience of credit cards.

on Sun, 2011-01-16 16:00