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Holidays are a Hotbed for ID Theft

The Holiday season means more shopping than usual for most of us. Whether you like it or not, you'll probably spend more time than any other season of the year searching for the perfect gifts in crowded shopping malls and on your favorite e-commerce sites.

To an identity thief, this only means one thing - extra opportunities to nab your credit card information right from under your nose. So, be a smart shopper this year and take additional precautions to ensure your personal information and credit scores stay safe.

To start out, try writing "Ask for ID" on the back of your credit cards instead of signing them. Also, be sure to hold on to all your credit card receipts and shred them as soon as they're no longer needed. And don't forget to encrypt your online account passwords by substituting characters for letters, such as "$" for "S" and "1" for "i". Setting secure passwords is an essential step in keeping identity thieves as far away as possible from sensitive credit card information.

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on Mon, 2009-10-19 17:00