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Fed Nixes Inactivity Fees

Effective August 22, 2010, they'll be no reason to worry anymore about getting slapped with a big fee for not using your credit cards often enough.

A press release, issued by the Fed on June 15th, announced that credit issuers will no longer be able to charge consumers any type of an "inactivity fee", such as ones that are based on a consumer's failure to use their account to make new purchases.

In recent months, some credit card issuers were reportedly charging up to $36 per year for inactivity fees. But while they may be history soon, what you can expect are an increasing amount of credit card offers that include annual fees. As other fees and penalties shrink in the face of new rules, it's only logical to assume credit issuers will continue to experiment with the one fee that's still completely within their grasp.

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on Mon, 2010-06-14 17:00