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Don't Ignore Your Credit Card Mail

Here's some simple financial advice for 2010—don't throw away any credit card mail without reading it first!

If you do, you might regret it because those letters cramming your mailbox may still look like shredder-worthy pieces of junk mail, but they could very well contain important information regarding changes to your credit cards' terms and conditions.

Ignoring these boring disclosure letters in 2010 might mean missing out on a small window of opportunity to make important decisions regarding your accounts, which could also lead to shelling out more cash in interest and fees to your credit issuers. And with discretionary income tight following the busy holiday season, that's the very last place you'll want to be sending your hard-earned cash.

So, pay close attention over the next few months to anything that resembles communication from your credit card companies. With the CARD Act of 2009 set to take effect February 22nd, you should expect to see a lot more of it from this point forward.

on Tue, 2010-01-05 16:00