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Before paying your electric bill, make sure it’s not a scam! 
Several electric utilities across the country have issued warnings to consumers about fake billing notice emails. These scams may arrive as a simple text sent from the “Energy Billing Service” or an actual email with the logo of a real utility company on your billing statement. There is a link on the email that will supposedly let you view your most recent bill. With a large amount due (often $500 or more), they hope that you will click on it. By clicking on the link, however, you may be directed to a scam website designed to steal information or you may unintentionally end up installing malicious software on your computer. The hackers have already scammed thousands of people from Washington to Florida, and many electric companies have made statements warning consumers from these bogus emails.
So, if you get an email that looks different from your normal bill, one that is from a different utility company, or one that demands payment immediately, delete it. And if you are unsure, call your utility’s customer line service directly. But definitely don’t click on the link!
Source: CNBC