Home / Credit News / FICO announces two new mobile apps, but they're probably not what you think

Fair Isaac Corp. - the creators of the all-important FICO score - announced earlier this month that they're releasing two mobile apps for customers. However, neither of them are related to keeping up with your credit score.

The first app is a cloud-based management system that notifies customers through email, text or social media when a bill is ready for review. It also allows them to communicate with customer service easier on the go.

The second app - according to financial news site Inman News - is meant to replace the hassle of fax, scan or snail mail with an easy electronic signing tool. Essentially, the new app from FICO allows customers to view and sign (or refuse to sign) a document through their phone or computer. 

Both apps are pretty useful for FICO customers, and along with this infographic released last year give credibility to FICO's future as a mobile banking partner and contender. And while you can currently use their credit monitoring service with your Smart Phone through a standard browser (for $14.95 a month), we're still waiting on a credit score app that gives you your real score on the run; not the estimated scores you find online using free services.