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According to a new study released Thursday by J.D. Power, Discover now ties with American Express for the highest customer- satisfaction ranking by cardholders. J.D. Power surveyed nearly 20,000 credit card customers over a 9 month period to determine their satisfaction with cardholder operations, including terms, customer service, rewards programs, and more. Although J.D. Power has done this survey since 2007, this is the first time that Discover has moved to the top spot, and the first time that American Express has shared the No.1 position. Both companies scored 819 on the customer satisfaction scale of 1,000. According to Jim Miller, senior director of banking services at J.D. Power, “American Express and Discover provide great personal service when customers call in and also make it easy for customers to manage their accounts online as well as by using mobile apps.”
Discover satisfaction has clearly improved quite fast this year, especially with their changes in customer service and a higher acceptance at merchant locations. Discover’s changes come at a pivotal moment for the company, especially as they just recently launched the new line of Discover it chrome cards. Plus, Discover cards are now being accepted at many more locations. Roughly 9.2 million locations in the U.S. accept Discover credit cards, up 2% from 2012 and 24% from 2009.