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If your credit or debit card has an unexplained charge for $9.84 on it, you may be a victim of identity theft.

The Better Business Bureau issued a fraud alert on Friday regarding a new scamming scandal. Some consumers have identified an unexplained charge of $9.84 on their account that showed up sometime during the holiday season. The charge is listed on the bill as an unfamiliar website or a landing page that offers customer support. It may look legitimate with a phone number and email that customers can call; however, this website is a scam. The scammers are charging stolen credit card numbers for the small amount of money ($9.84), assuming that many cardholders will not notice the charge and that credit card companies won’t go after such a small sum of money.

So keep your eye out for a charge of $9.84 and other small charges, as scammers may change the amount as word gets out. If you do find that you’ve been affected by this scam, call the card issuer and place a fraud alert on your credit file. And as always, keep a close eye on your accounts and be aware of identity theft.

Source: CBS News