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Pain at the Gas Pump

Filling up at the gas pump hurts me. I mean, I literally feel like throwing up as I stand there watching the dollars roll on by as gas trickles into my tank. I remember when I was 16 and I could fill up my tank for less than $15. No wonder so many 16-year-olds nowadays would rather have their parents chauffeur them around than get their licenses and be responsible for their own gas!

How to beat high gas prices

The green in me tells me to bike. I've tried that, and I love it! But, I love it during Seattle summers when average temperatures are in the low 80's with virtually no humidity. Summer has pretty much ended here in the Northwet (er... "west"), which means the rain, gray, and gloom will be here soon. And the green in me is not bright enough to overtake the gray, so that means I'm back to driving my car.

Gas rewards credit cards

Even driving just the minimal amount necessary still requires me to use gas. So what I’ve done to ease the pain is get myself a rewards card that gives me something in return for the gas I buy.

Right now, I'm loving the TrueEarnings Business Card from American Express and Costco. Lots of cards out there are offering cash back for gas purchases, such as 5% cash back for the first 2 months, or even 6% back for your first 12 months. But no other card out there offers a set percentage for as long as you have the card. The TrueEarnings Business Card from American Express and Costco gives you a set 5% rebate on gas purchased at Costco or any other stand-alone gas station, excluding gas purchased at warehouse clubs other than Costco, superstores or supermarkets. This means gas purchased at places like Chevron, Shell, Exxon, or BP will earn you a 5% rebate. Gas purchased at places like Sam’s Club (competitor… gasp!) or Safeway will earn you zip in rebates on this card. This 5% rebate also has no expiration date; you’ll receive 5% rebate on day 1 as well as years from now.

You'll receive your rebates annually in the form of a Costco in-store coupon. This coupon can be used to purchase goods at Costco, or you can even go and redeem it for cold-hard cash so you can physically hold in your hand how much the TrueEarnings card has saved you at the pump. If you’re not a business owner but are still diggin’ this card, there is also a non-business version of this card that earns you a 3% rebate on gas. Be sure to check out the wide range of consumer rewards cards if you want to find the best deal for you.

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I love the American Express Business/Costco card for a number of reasons:

1.) Good earnings for our business purchases. We use it for inventory, gas, telephone, wireless, travel, etc.
2.) Identifies you on the back with your Costco membership number and photo - one less card needed in the wallet.
3.) American Express excellent customer service.
4.) You can call American Express in three months after using the card to request a lower interest rate.

I requested mine from creditnet.com and received it in the mail faster than I can recall.

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Nice entry. You made some great points....