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Kim Kardashian Wedding Madness Reminds Us of Her Insane Credit Card

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It seems impossible to escape the reach of the Kardashian family these days:

A hit reality show on E! network.

Enough magazine covers to wallpaper an aircraft hangar.

And now Kim Kardashian's wedding has all of Hollywood talking.

Indeed, the omnipresence of the three sisters is inevitable. And this feeling of inescapability is just what the Kardashians like. Don't believe us? Just take a look at the credit card (or shall we say, Kredit Kard) they introduced last year, and you'll see just how predatory these three sisters really are. Thankfully, public backlash against the card's outrageous policies led to its discontinuation just 19 days after its debut.

The Worst Credit Card of All Time

The first thing to note about the Kardashian Kard is that it wasn't a true credit card; it was a cash card that you had to pre-pay money towards in order to charge anything on it. Because of this, the card tended to appeal more to kids who could have their allowance put on this trendy piece of plastic.

Nevertheless, people still found the Kardashian Kard desirable and signed up for it, despite whopping introductory fees of $60 for 6 months or $100 for a full year. After the introductory period, users would also have had to pay an astounding $8 per month, or roughly $100 annually.

While many other cards feature annual fees, that's usually because they offer great credit card rewards like airline miles, gas rebates, or other discounts. With the Kardashian Kard, however, you got absolutely nothing. But wait! There were other astonishingly awful policies:

  • $1 fee just to see what your balance is at an ATM (this is on top of any fee that particular ATM might require)
  • A flat $1 fee and a 2.5% surcharge of the total amount every time you load money onto the card.
  • $1.50 charge just to speak to a customer care representative
  • $35 fee if you lost your card and wanted to replace it overnight

The poor souls who actually signed up for the card quickly fell victim to The Wrath of the Kardashians. While the card (mercifully) no longer exists, it still reminds us to always read the fine print of credit card agreements; no matter how sexy the celebrity endorser!

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