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Take Charge of Your Gift Cards

Do you have a sock drawer full of unused gift cards from the holidays? If so, you're definitely not alone.

Some experts believe that consumers leave over $5 billion on gift cards each year. That's a lot of unused dough! However, thanks to a new Seattle-based startup, TangoCard.com, you'll no longer have an excuse to let another penny go unspent.

The new Tango Card, launched in late 2010, provides users with the ability to track gift card balances in one place, store card data for online shopping, buy from 11 different retailers like Amazon or Target, and even donate remaining balances to charity or redeem them for cash. In addition, Tango's iPhone app can be downloaded for free to store all your gift card numbers and receive alerts if you're ever in danger of not using all the value of your cards.

on Sun, 2011-01-09 16:00