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Leave Your Social Security Card at Home

Is it really necessary to carry your social security card around with you like a driver's license? Not at all, yet many people sill tote around one of the most confidential pieces of personal information as if they might need it at any moment. If you do, you're taking a great risk because identity thieves armed with your social security number can do a lot more than simply open up a fraudulent credit card account. They can essentially start a whole new life using your SSN as the foundation.

You may already have your social security number memorized. If not, you should, so take a few minutes to ingrain the 9-digit number in your mind and then store your social security card in a safe place. Never carry it with you in your wallet or purse unless an employer or other service provider specifically asks to see an original copy.

on Mon, 2008-12-01 16:00