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How to Save 15-75% on Meals

If your busy life forces you to eat out often, then you should know just how painful it can be on the pocketbook. In fact, eating out is by far the biggest variable expense most families have each month. Take a moment this week to review your credit card statement and determine how much you are spending on dining out. You may be surprised that the number surpasses your rent or mortgage payment!

Preparing meals at home can be done for less than one-fourth the cost of eating out, but this may not be an option for those of you who are "cooking challenged" or so busy you are rarely even at home. As an alternative option consider take-out from your favorite spots, which will allow you to avoid gratuity and automatically save at least 15% on your bill. Saving $3.75 on a $25 meal merely five times a week will put nearly $1,000 extra in your pocket each year!

on Thu, 2008-06-26 17:00