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How to Begin Improving Your Bad Credit

The first step in any credit improvement process should begin by pulling your credit reports. Why? Because it's important to understand exactly where you stand before you can improve upon anything.

Unfortunately, many people choose to ignore their credit reports because they think it's more important to obtain new credit and start building positive payment history again. And while rebuilding a history of on-time payments is certainly an important step in credit repair, it shouldn't be your focus right from the beginning. You need to get those credit reports as clean as possible first, and then you can worry about obtaining new credit.

So visit annualcreditreport.com today and pull a free copy of your credit reports from each of the three major credit bureaus. Read them closely and take note of any incorrect information or other negative marks that could be driving your credit scores down.

Next, begin disputing inaccurate information through the credit bureaus and/or communicating directly with your creditors to clean up any unpaid debts. Be persistent, stayed organized, and don't give up until you're satisfied that your credit reports accurately reflect your current credit profile.

If you have more specific questions, try joining our Credit Talk Forum where you can ask questions and receive advice from over 30,000 members for free.

on Mon, 2010-08-30 17:00