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How to Avoid Credit Card Tipping Scams

Dishonest restaurant servers know how easy it is to overlook an extra 50 cents on a dinner bill, which is why one of the most common credit card scams involves waiters adding just a little extra tip for themselves. To protect yourself from this annoying occurrence, try devising a simple method that will make it easier to check restaurant charges for accuracy when reviewing your credit card statements.

You may want to try something as simple as always tipping an amount that leaves you with matching numbers in the final two cents spots. For example, if every restaurant charge on your statement ends in .33, .55, or .88, it should make it much easier to quickly notice a charge that doesn't match your pattern.

Of course, the best way to check for accuracy is to save all your receipts and compare them to your credit card statements at least once a month. And if you do find a discrepancy, be sure to call your credit card issuer, dispute the charge, and report the offending merchant.

on Mon, 2016-09-26 00:01