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Get Your Free Federal Tax Receipt

There's a good chance your largest expense in 2010 was the taxes you paid to Uncle Sam. But do you know exactly where your money went? Probably not.

ThirdWay, a think-tank based in Washington D.C., believes that everyone who files a tax return should have the right to a "taxpayer receipt" as well. It sounds logical enough. Would you ever give someone else thousands of dollars for an unknown product without receiving a receipt?

The IRS obviously isn't prepared to provide millions of receipts to taxpayers yet, but ThirdWay has created an online Federal Tax Receipt Calculator to finally give you a glimpse at how your hard-earned dollars are being used.

Simply determine how much you paid in federal taxes last year, and then enter the number into the calculator to receive your free tax receipt. Try it out today. Trust us, it's eye opening.

on Thu, 2011-05-05 17:00