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The Barclaycard® Ring MasterCard® is Now Paying YOU For Your Balance Transfer

Update: This offer has changed since this article was published. You can check out the Barclaycard® Ring(TM) MasterCard® page for the most up-to-date card details.

Here's something we haven't heard of before: a credit card that pays YOU for transferring your balance.

That's exactly what the newest version of the Barclaycard Ring is offering - 1 percent cash back on all balance transfers. There's also no fee to transfer your balance, so unlike the average balance transfer credit card - which in most cases requires a 3 percent transfer fee - you'll instead earn cash back for moving your debt owed to the Barclaycard® Ring(TM) MasterCard®.

Is 1 percent a lot? No, not really. But it still beats paying to move your balance. 

Unfortunately, there's no balance transfer introductory period, however the ongoing APR variable of 8 percent is one of the lowest available today. That means consumers moving their balance are bound to save (and again, earn a little something back) when transferring their balance to this card.

Even before this offer, the Barclaycard® Ring(TM) MasterCard® was one of the most unique credit cards available. Their Giveback(TM) Program allows members to benefit from the card community's success (and individual success) via cash back, and the variable APR of just 8 percent applies to purchases, balance transfers AND cash advances. You won't find those kinds of rates elsewhere.

That said, this is not a card for a consumer interested in simple cash back or miles potential. This is an interactive card with a somewhat-fuzzy cash back program. I would encourage consumers interested in learning more about the card to follow the link below and watch their 1-minute video explaining the Giveback(TM) Program.

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