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The Top 10 Wealthiest Athletes

As the smoke from the NFL lockout begins to clear, we can finally rest assured that the coming sports year will be full of labor peace and exciting games. Oh wait, it turns out that just as one pro sports lockout gets resolved, another one (and by all accounts a much lengthier one) is just getting started in the NBA. Yes indeed, all we can look forward to this year in the pro basketball world is exciting shots of lawyers in pressed suits walking into conference rooms, with nary a slam dunk in sight. And with all this bickering from both sides, it’s time to have a nice little reality check just to remind us how lucrative the sports industry really is. While the average American spends their time finding ways to reduce credit card debt with 0% interest credit cards, athletes and owners are complaining over how to divvy up their billion dollar industries. So which athletes should never have to worry about missing any paychecks? Here's a list of the top ten wealthiest athletes in America.

1. Tiger Woods

While his pride may still be hurting, his pocketbook certainly isn't. Due to his lengthy list of endorsements, Tiger still makes just over $100 million annually.

2. Floyd Mayweather

Mayweather's electrifying fights draw in unprecedented audiences, which drives money straight to his wallet. He made $65 million last year.

3. Kobe Bryant

While Lebron James may have grabbed more headlines lately, Kobe still makes the most cash. Driven by the popularity of his jersey sales in basketball-crazy Asia, Kobe made $48 million last year.

4. Phil Mickelson

Sometimes, it pays to be #2. Phil Mickelson made $46 million dollars last year through endorsements and prize winnings.

5. Lebron James

Everyone's favorite villain is laughing all the way to the bank. King James made over $42 million dollars last year while turning from hometown hero to public enemy no. 1.

6. Eli Manning

While he may be the lesser Manning in terms of performance on the field, Eli still has the richest contract in all of football. With endorsements, Eli made just shy of $40 million last year.

7. Terrell Suggs

One of the most feared linebackers in the NFL is also one of the highest paid. Terrell Suggs took home a whopping $38 million dollars last year.

8. Julius Peppers

All-world defensive end Julius Peppers made over $35 million in the NFL last year.

9. Alex Rodriguez

No surprise that a New York Yankee is the top earner in the MLB. Alex Rodriguez is the proud owner of the richest contract in sports history, boosting his earnings up to $35.9 million a year.

10. Philip Rivers

29 year-old Phil Rivers makes $32 million dollars as quarterback for the San Diego Chargers.

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