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Ask Our Readers: Tell us how Hurricane Sandy affected you in a credit-related way

First off, we would be remiss if we didn't send our condolences and best wishes to those affected by Hurricane Sandy. As a native New England'er, my head (and heart) has been on the east coast for the last few days, and many phone calls have been sent making sure family and friends are safe back east.

That being said, now that the storm pushes west it's becoming more clear what type of effect the storm has had on things that, let's face it, should take a backseat to the more devastating personal effects of the hurricane. Yes, we're talking about the economy and, more specifically, credit lenders and banks.

Over the last few days, we've heard all kinds of stories in regards to how Hurricane Sandy has affected people in unique ways that go beyond flooding and personal damage. (Not that we're in any way minimizing those effects - we just want to differentiate between the two.) For instance, we've heard about one couple (via NPR) that got stuck in the wrath of delayed and cancelled flights mere hours before they were set to close on a home. In other instances, countless major (and minor) transactions have been delayed due to the closure of the NYSE (and subsequent trading posts nationally and globally) and New York-headquartered banks.

With millions affected by the storm, we decided to flip our usual "Ask Creditnet" blog upside down so that we can hear from you, the readers, on what effect Hurricane Sandy has had on you in a credit-related way. Did you endure a logistical nightmare getting on the phone with creditors or banks? Was your mortgage professional's final inspection on a home delayed due to a lack of power?

Tell us how you've been affected by Sandy from up close or afar in the comments section below, or visit us on Facebook and Twitter to join the discussion. Finally, best of luck to all of those affected by Hurricane Sandy - you're very much in our thoughts.


P.S. - Here's a link to the Red Cross if you can offer any help to the Hurricane Sandy relief fund.

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