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Joshua Heckathorn was President of Creditnet, is a credit expert and has been featured on CNNMoney, FOX Business, Yahoo Finance, The Street, and many other national publications during the past ten years.  He received a Bachelor of Science in Management (Finance) from Brigham Young University's Marriott School of Business and earned his MBA from Seattle University.

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Recent Blogs

Is a Credit Card Crisis Next in Line?

The latest estimate I saw for US credit card debt stood at $915 billion. I don't know exactly where it stands today, but the number seems to rise 10 billion or so every time I hear it mentioned. It may sound like a familiar number to you as well, since it's a mere $15 billion more than the amount of consumer debt that drove the subprime mortgage meltdown earlier this year.

Financing A New Condo Purchase? Don't Call ING

"How can I save your money", answered the customer service rep. I responded and said, "By giving me a good rate on a home loan with low closing costs." He uttered a fake courtesy laugh in return. I did the same. I've been planning to call ING since a bright orange postcard arrived in the mail a few days ago marketing the popular Orange Mortgage. Low closing costs and a 5.25% rate sounded pretty good, and since I'm in the market for a new place, I thought I would check it out.

Arbitrage Strategy for HELOCs

arbitrage Real estate values continue to do a big cannonball in the deep end, and some lenders are trimming their exposure to home equity by shutting down idle lines of credit on their books.

What the Sam Hill is a Credit Default Swap?

If you’re paying attention at all to our current economic crisis, then you’ve probably heard the term “credit default swap (CDS)” enough to at least make you wonder what it is. Most recently, credit default swaps played a vital role in the federal government’s decision to bail out AIG, since they determined that a huge chain of failures across the international financial system might occur if AIG were to fail and default on the swaps it sold. Must be a big deal, right? They are.