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Financing A New Condo Purchase? Don't Call ING

"How can I save your money", answered the customer service rep. I responded and said, "By giving me a good rate on a home loan with low closing costs." He uttered a fake courtesy laugh in return. I did the same. I've been planning to call ING since a bright orange postcard arrived in the mail a few days ago marketing the popular Orange Mortgage. Low closing costs and a 5.25% rate sounded pretty good, and since I'm in the market for a new place, I thought I would check it out. I've always been impressed by ING's customer service and the ease of doing business with them as well, so I was interested to experience first-hand how things have changed in their lending division given the current state of the credit markets. It didn't take long to see that they too have become like everyone else. I'm serious. Have you talked to anyone at a bank lately? It's like talking to a bunch of zombies! Everyone is wound up so tight they have completely forgotten how to actually take care of a good customer, listen to what you say, and try to meet your needs. You would think that if anyone could hold onto the customer-centric approach, it would be ING. But alas, tightened underwriting standards and the fact that they are just plain scared of any risk have forced them to become internally focused. I can certainly understand why, but it's still a shame. So, if you're in the market to finance the purchase of a new condo, don't even bother calling ING. They won't care if you've been a long-time customer with excellent credit history, solid credentials, and a big chunk of cash to make a down payment. All they will care about is following the new underwriting standards by the book, which require at least a 55% down payment on new-construction condos. That's right, the maximum loan they can offer is a measly 45% of the purchase price. In regards to the estimated closing costs, they weren't that low either. So, my search for a lender who actually wants to "lend" continues, and ING has lost the opportunity to make a great deal of money off someone who has never made a late payment in his life. Have you had difficulties securing a loan lately? We would love to hear about your experience, so send us an email at creditcents@creditnet.com, or post a reply below.

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