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Alice Bryant is the Editor of Creditnet and a personal finance expert with over a decade of experience writing about credit cards, credit scores, debt repair, and more.

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Recent Blogs

Is Apple Pay the Way of the Future?

On September 9, 2014, Apple introduced ApplePay during their special live showcase. ApplePay is a digital wallet app that enables users to make payments at retail stores using their iPhone. This isn't the first version of a digital wallet - Paypal and Google both have their own versions, which has made many question whether ApplePay can become a popular form of payment. Google Wallet and the Paypal app have been relatively unsuccessful in revolutionizing payments. However, many made similar claims when credit cards were first released; yet today, paying with cash has become outdated in many venues.

The Best Guide for Protecting Your Credit

Statistics state that at least 9 million consumers fall victim to identity theft each year. Approximately 10 percent of Americans have been victims of credit card theft alone. The staggering numbers indicate that consumers need to start taking immediate precautionary steps. The following are some steps that modern consumers can take to protect their credit.

How to File a Credit Report Dispute

Credit card fraud has become one of the most perpetrated crimes in the world. The effects can be devastating, keeping a person from being able to buy a home, finance a car, and even causing them to lose their job. With efforts in the works to combat this crime, it is very important for individuals to monitor their credit reports and credit scores in order to ensure that nothing fishy is going on.

Is Zero Liability Ever a Bad Thing?

Credit card use puts consumers at risk for identity theft and fraudulent charges. There are all types of unscrupulous individuals who make careers of stealing others' personal information and using it to make purchases from jewelry to automobiles. When an individual's account is breached, thieves can rack up thousands of dollars in charges, leaving the card holder broke and with bad credit. This is why some credit card issuers provide what is known as "zero liability." 

How to Get a Fresh Start On Your Credit

Everyone makes mistakes at some point. Some mistakes, however, can have far-reaching consequences. And when it comes to credit, people who make mistakes can lose access to credit cards, have difficulty opening new bank accounts, and damage their credit score with one single mistake. Fortunately, credit can be improved. It is possible to start over and build good credit. The process can take some time, but it is well worth the effort considering all the advantages of having a good credit score. Here are a few steps to take in order to get a fresh start when it comes to credit.