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Enter to Win $500 from Creditnet.com!


According to a study published by Nellie Mae (2005), 56% of undergraduate freshman obtain their first credit card at age 18. Unfortunately, most fail to receive any education about how credit works or what it takes to build a solid credit history after the card arrives in the mail

Joshua Heckathorn, President of Creditnet.com, believes “Creditnet is in a unique position to have a lasting effect on how young people understand and use credit before they actually apply for a credit card. We aim to teach students basic principles that are easy to remember and will guide responsible use of credit throughout their lives.”

Targeting students aged 18 and older, Creditnet's "Get Some Credit Cents" Sweepstakes requires entrants to read a short article about credit, determine their Credit GPA by taking a 5-question quiz, and complete an online entry form for a chance to win $500 towards tuition and book expenses. Entrants who apply for a new student credit card and are approved by the credit issuer will receive an additional entry into the sweepstakes, doubling their chance to win the grand prize.

Effective April 2009, both undergraduate and graduate students can discover their Credit GPA and enter into the Sweepstakes by visiting Creditnet.com's Get Some Credit Cents Sweepstakes. What have you got to lose? Enter to win today!

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Elisabeth Chan is Creditnet's resident credit card expert. Elisabeth graduated Magna Cum Laude from Brigham Young University's Marriott School of Business.

When she's not rating and reviewing credit cards, Elisabeth enjoys gushing over her daughter (who is her exact clone), eating out (sushi and Chinese are favs), or attempting to conquer the pilates reformer machine (so far, all attempts have been futile).

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Excellent first step towards decreasing credit card abuse by young first time card holders, you should be applauded. It might be interesting to anyone reading about this subject to check out this article about the lack of restraint shown by young or first time card holders.
Well done and I hope this idea takes off.